Kitchen Remodel Design

Before you start changing something and remodelling need to decide what you want to see in the kitchen ideally. What style do you want to choose: modern or traditional.

It will be good if you draw your kitchen design on paper. Think about what shapes and colors of kitchen set you will buy or order, how to use it and where the sink, stove and refrigerator will be installed.

Think about what kind of things you would like to change or add. In order to remake the design you can use a special program that allows you to change the kitchen space in a single click. Read more…

Bathroom faucet replacement

Before starting the replacement of faucet prepare a bucket and a rag. They can be useful to you if water begin to leak from the pipes after dismantling of old equipment. The small volume of water can flow even in a disabled state if the pipeline and faucet which blocks giving of water is very old.

Turn on the water in the standpipe and drain the rest. In order to do it, turn on the tap and wait until the water stops flowing.

In order to dismantle the old faucet remove the two screws located under the faucet hot and cold water using a wrench. Read more…

Tile Designs for Shower

Everybody knows that tile is the best covering material for the bathroom. Due to the different shapes, sizes, textures, variety of colors, it is widely used in the design of various interior floors of bathrooms, kitchens, corridors and even dwellings.

It is distinguished by a long service life, high durability and visual appeal. What should be taken into account when you decide to design your bathroom with ceramic tile? We have some tips to help you choose the design for your bathroom. Read more…

How to install kitchen faucet

Before installing the faucet it is necessary to collect and attach elements to the water pipe fittings. Then you can install a new faucet directly on sink.

The first step is to put the circular pad on the base of the mixer. It should be exactly in the groove intended for it. If this stage is skipped, the water will flow under the sink and can damage the cabinet and elements placed under the sink.

Now you need to skip the flexible hoses through the mounting hole for the mixer (remove sink is still upside down).  The faucet needs to be held in the bottom with your free hand. It must be ensured that the circular pad do not move at this point. Read more…

Antique brass bathroom faucets

Currently, brass bathroom faucet it is not just a functional device in the bathroom. Such equipment is also characterized by high quality and long term of exploitation. Brass housing is not amenable of corrosion and to protect and give them more attractive appearance its outer part is coated with nickel and chrome.

The best available coating is chrome, which is quite durable and hygienic. High-quality brass without lead keeps the water clean and healthy. High spout gives it classic design and convenience of usage.

Brass products have always been considered the property of the elite, people with good taste, connoisseurs of art. Noble metal beautifully decorated any interiors. Now it is again reminded by producers of different household items including plumbing. So now you can easily make your bathroom a truly refined and elitist. Read more…

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